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A global map of accessibility

Access Map (World Bank 2009) - Click to zoom

In 2009 the World Bank (Reshaping Economic Geography) produced a very insightful map representing travel time to major cities (in hours and days) and shipping lane density.

From the supply chain perspective, this kind of representation can be useful to understand which are the better connected areas and, therefore, final markets and suppliers’ markets. Also, the furthest is the location from a major city the lower are the manufacturing activities.  According to the World Bank report, in for worse connected areas Indonesia after 15 km from the district centers the manufacturing activity falls rapidly.

Interestingly there are a lot of dark areas in China, Africa and South America, but also Western U.S. it is not so bright. If you look well there are also a lot of dark spots in India and Europe too.

It would be really nice to see the evolution of these areas since 2009…

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